We Got Married In A Fever, Hotter Than A Pepper Sprout. Now The Fire Is Out. Non Porn Sex Positions

Women like to snuggle with their lover right after sex. Men are typically, wham bam, thank you Ma'am.
A man will snuggle after sex if he is in deep love. Back in the years when everyone smoked it was typical to immediately grab a cigarette after a sexual bout. There was this joke, Doctor to lady patient, "Do you smoke after sex?" Patient, "You know Doctor, I've never looked."

This is not a perfect test, but if your man jumps up, perhaps going to the bathroom, then heads for other pursuits, you need to be curious, unless you have been married or together a long time. If there is little foreplay and he is having sex only to satisfy himself, he is either very insensitive or not very much in love.

He notices her right away on the new job. He is a T&A fellow and she has T's and a beautiful A. She catches him looking. Hmmm, so that is the new fellow. Fancies me does he? Maybe I'll take him home.
One cocktail later they are in bed together and from then on it is touchy feely in the office, sometimes a nooner and of course everyone knows. Soon dinner parties for the couple and cocktails after work with the gang, as a couple, and hump and bump at every opportunity.

Then the girls want to know if he as asked her yet and she brings up marriage but he wants to move in or have her move in. OK, we do that a while and things go swimmingly. Whoops, she misses her period. It is both their faults. Too eager too many times and no pill or condom. Right here is the critical point. It is time to face reality. Are you still going to be hot for each other every day in you forties?

Or perhaps there is no pregnancy but one is pushing for marriage and the other caves in and agrees.
If you have nagging doubts. If you have a roving eye still. If you start picking at little things that used to be OK. If there are a few fusses after a big night when you both feel bad. These are clues. Listen to that little angel on your shoulder whispering doubts in your ear.

We know a nice man. A really nice man. His now wife was unmarried at forty and probably would have married a tree. He was too nice to say no and she was so eager she pushed him all the way to the alter. Guess what? They have been married many years and seem quietly content.

The difference is they were not so young and in heat when they were married. So the moral to that story is it can work and love can grow, but if it is based upon passion and heat the chance of it working out is only forty percent.

Marriage is hard. New in-laws. How to raise a child. She stays home, money it tight. Friends all gone and finding married friends is not that easy. Married friends compare marriages, then they talk on the phone picking at the spouse. He has a gang of girls working with him and comes home a little tipsy. She starts smelling his shirts and checking his drawers. Her mom helps her daughter pick on him.

When they are driving he turns his head to check out the younger chicks. She catches him looking at porn. Right here stop! Go sit down and talk it out. Try new sexual positions. She must know that all men check out young chicks and if she is honest she has looked at a few tight asses herself. Tell your mom to lay off of him. You don't need that.

Next week we will explore having had a great lover and now you love a poor lover. Should you marry? Should you teach him and take a chance on him knowing about your past? Should you hire one of these women who have sex with him, teaching him? Sure there are sex surrogates. Porn on the Internet, will that help? New sex positions? You must get it right or you will be thinking of that former lover too often.