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"He took all my money, brought me to this town and now he is gone. We were to be married tomorrow here in Santa Fe." Julie was having the time of her life two hours ago.

Sitting in an elegant cafe with a candle on the table, campaign and the most handsomest of men. When the handsome man got up to go to the restroom another man passed by the table and dropped a note. It said, "Perhaps you know this. The man you are with has a wife and child in Denver. He is listed in the phone book as Charles Gleason. You can call his wife who probably is home every night."

When he came back she said to Charles, "Someone passed by the table while you were gone and left me this note, then she handed it to the handsome man, known to her also as Charles Gleason. Charles read the note, stood and said, "I am sorry Julie. I am a fraud." Then he left.

She almost fainted. The gentleman who brought the note came back, seeing her pitiful distress. "Ma'am, what may I do to help you." She said, "He took all my money, brought me to this town and now he is gone. I have only the clothes on my back, no friends and frankly I feel suicidal." "He said, I can understand. I have the sweetest sister on earth. In one minute you will have the best friend possible."

He was gone only a few seconds and here came a lovely girl about her age who said, "I am Barbara, what is your name Miss?" "Julie", she responded weakly and tearful. "Well Julie you come with me. We are going to my home. There is just me and my brother and we have a spare room. You will be welcome and comfortable and your worries will soon melt away, you will see.

Come, come now." "Oh they won't melt away, I am in deep trouble." It turned out that her handsome lover was a con man who had talked her into taking money from her company's retirement trust and he would put it back in the form of company stock. So according to Charles it was just moving the company money around, not stealing. They knew the stock would soon double. Then When it did she could put the $300,000 back and still have $300,000 left over for a business he was going to purchase here in Santa Fe.

She quit her job to come here so Charles could do some preliminary work on buying the business and get married. Now he has the $300,000 and is gone. She had been abandoned and left without one dollar and surely going to jail as soon as the company realized she has taken the money. She had loved him so much. How could she not see through him? She had been completely duped, just so he could get his hands on all that money.

Bobby, the man who left the note had been told the facts by a lady at the neighboring table who had known Charles, but she refused to get involved, so Bobbie took it upon himself to write what the lady had told him and place it on Julie's table when Charles went to the restroom "Julie, listen to me now. My brother is an attorney and a very good one. I believe you have some sympathy due you. You are not a thief or crook by nature. You have been duped. I am sure he can help", said Barbara.

Bobby, Barbara's bother became quite a hero in Julie's life. He managed to assist the police in catching Charles Gleason after talking to the District Attorney. He located the stock purchase transaction. Charles Gibson actually did try to double the money and bought stock in the company Julie worked for, in his name. With the money back in the company's control and the culprit in jail Bobby arranged a probation request for Julie which he was sure would be granted. He gave her a job in his law firm and a loan to let her buy clothes and a car.

She stayed with Bobby and Barbara while the trauma settled itself in her mind. Bobby was falling in love with Julie and it was obvious to his sister and to a degree to Julie. She started to stress out again because she adored him for what he had done but had no romantic feelings for him at all.

She was afraid he was going to confess his love for her and what would happen when she told him she could not return the love. Crook though he was, she felt she was still in love with Charles. There was something else going on however. She noticed Barbara looking at her sort of cow eyed too. She started thinking about this and was fascinated.

Barbara was a lovely looking lady with beautiful eyes and a perfect smile. She never dated that Julie had seen. She did occasionally go out with a girlfriend. Nancy enjoyed looking at her and when they touched accidentally she got a warm feeling.

Bobby had made a deal with the DA for a plea bargain which would let Nancy off on five years probation. Now all he had to do was get the judge to agree that she could stay in New Mexico rather than return to Colorado. He was so anxious to tell Nancy that he took off early to surprise her at home. When he slipped in the back door he felt odd, it was too quite or something was amiss. Sort of like no one was home but he knew they both were to be here this time of day on a Friday afternoon. He had given Nancy the day off and Barbara worked nights this week. It felt so strange to him he walked quietly. When he got to the front room he got literally the shock of his life. There on the sofa were Nancy and his sister, nude.