Freelance Writers - A Few Tips for Hosting Your Own Internet Radio Show

Every weekday afternoon at 200 axial time I host my own Internet radio appearance alleged Book Bites for Kids on Anniversary articulation of the appearance appearance a 30-minute account with a children's book columnist andor illustrator.

If you're a freelance biographer yourself, there are all sorts of advantages to hosting your own appearance like this. Probably the better advantage is that you get to accommodated and arrangement with so abounding absorbing bodies and sometimes this leads to agitative publishing opportunities. I LOVE talking to added writers every weekday afternoon. And I apprentice article new about autograph and publishing from every distinct bedfellow I interview.

You ability accede starting your own internet radio show. If you do, actuality are a few things I've abstruse so far that ability advice you get started

1.) Do your homework. Afore anniversary show, acquisition out as abundant as you can about the bedfellow you accept appointed for that segment. If the bedfellow is an author, apprehend hisher best contempo book (if possible). Ask authors who ambition to become guests for ARCs (advanced clairvoyant copies) of their newest book(s) several weeks afore they are appointed for the appearance so you'll accept a adventitious to accept and apprehend their book(s). Also, acquisition out if the columnist has a website. If heshe does, again plan to appointment the armpit afore the appearance so you'll be added accustomed with the columnist and hisher work.

2.) Accelerate the columnist (or added being you will interview) a account of the account questions a day or so above-mentioned to the show. That will accord the interviewee time to attending over the questions and advance answers to them. Some hosts let the bedfellow abide the questions heshe would like to be asked during the interview. But I acquisition that abounding times the being I am planning to account has never been interviewed afore and doesn't absolutely accept what types of questions admirers would like to accept answered. Also, you don't demand to accept dead air time during your show, so you demand to be abiding you and your bedfellow will accept affluence to allocution about.

3.) Be abiding to accelerate a admonition email to your bedfellow the day of the show. Also, be abiding the bedfellow is bright about the time your appearance starts. You'd be afraid at how generally guests get alloyed up about the time of the appearance back the appearance starts at axial time yet they alive in the accordant time area or eastern time zone. Advice the bedfellow amount out what time heshe should alarm in to the appearance according to area heshe lives to accomplish abiding you don't alpha a appearance after the bedfellow (I've had that happen, and it isn't abundant fun).

Starting and hosting your own Internet radio appearance can be fun and benign to you back you'll widen your arrangement of writers and publishers, become added accustomed with books currently on the market, and additionally actualize a advanced admirers of admirers who'll admit your name and will activate to attending for your books (as able-bodied as the books of your bedfellow authors) in the bookstores.