Why Choose Kerio Connect Over Microsoft Exchange?

Choosing an email solution may seem like a minor issue for your business, but it can actually have major ramifications in the long run. The more resources, in terms of both computer systems and employee time, that your server solution takes up, the less it will for accomplishing other things that actually make your business profitable. There are excellent business reasons that you should consider choosing Kerio Connect rather than Microsoft Exchange.

One of the most valuable features of Kerio Connect is the sheer amount of flexibility that it offers you in the software you use and the way you deploy it. This software offers far superior support for other email and calendar platforms, such as Apple's Mail and iCal, when compared with Microsoft Exchange. You can also deploy the platform itself on Windows, Mac, or Linux according to your own preference. Choosing Kerio Connect will guarantee you a greater level of flexibility in the future as you make additional technical decisions. If you should ever want to change the server platform that you use, or allow your employees to use a different operating system that will make them happier and more productive, you will never have to decide against it based on the fact that your email server would be incompatible with the new software.

You should also consider choosing Kerio Connect because of the superior value and features that it offers. It is not merely an email server, it also enables cross-platform collaboration, wireless mobile synchronization, Email archiving, automated backups, and a robust level of email security. All of these are things that any business that wants to be both efficient and effective needs to have, and using this platform means that you do not have to seek out and install separate solutions to achieve them.

Choosing Kerio Connect will give you a great set of features and put you in a position where you have a great deal of flexibility in making decisions about the other types of software that you are going to run. For many businesses, it is the best choice available on the market.