Wireless Internet access helps you find new music

One of the best things about the age of wireless Internet is the recent democratization of the music world. It used to be that in order to discover new music, the average person had to listen to the radio or possibly watch channels like MTV music. This used to be a more enjoyable experience as radio stations were individually owned and DJs were usually obsessed music lovers who had a high degree of control over what new music to play. These days, however, most radio stations are owned by multinational media conglomerates, and playlists are almost without exception default in the corporate offices and distribution throughout the country unchanged. There are even some radio stations, like the ubiquitous JACKFM, who have dismissed the DJ format all together, instead of pre-programmed playlists and their dissemination throughout the country. And television stations universalist music the outset that there never was an amazing individual consumer or control what is played on the video channels.

But despite the corporatization of radio and other traditional sources of music, has been a really great change online, where consumers can access music with its new wireless Internet so that they provide, and the artists more power over the process. For example, any individual user can connect to the 4G phone and investigate its a moment to listen to new bands. In addition to the online version of standard magazines like Spin or Rolling Stone, there are now countless music blogs where you can go to get recommendations for the new album. These blogs range from the well established, such as Pitchfork and Stereogum, a random personal blogs by such nerd who sits in the booth across from hers, the girl who works at the used record store. You can go online and read all about the new band, directly from the obsessive fans who keep up with these things.

Moreover, wireless Internet access, you can listen to the bands of yourself before making an investment in them. Most groups these days have websites or pages on sites like MySpace, where after a couple of songs for those interested in the sample. You may hear the songs of three, four, or five in a particular album, playing with them several times, so you can decide whether or not to invest in buying the CD! You can also go to websites like YouTube for sharing or Vimeo to watch videos of the band. This not only lets you hear more of your songs for free before making any financial decision, but also gives you an idea of ??the style of the band. This could help assess whether or not to go see them in concert when they come to your city in a national or world tour in the next couple of months. Wireless Internet access is all up to you. You can be your own fan and critic.