Where is the Future of Radio

With advances in technology there is much talk that terrestrial AM and FM radio could be in trouble. As mp3 players, ipods, and satellite radio grow in popularity there is a belief by many that terrestrial radio will become extinct. However, AM and FM radio has an answer to these technologies and it's on the internet.

Radio companies across the country and the world are now streaming live through their radio websites. Listeners can simply log on to their favorite radio website and listen almost instantly to the live on-air broadcast through the speakers of their computer. These internet radio streams are usually accessible from anywhere in the world. A recent story on InsideRadio.com stated Terrestrial radio's doing better and better in the streaming game - up to a 38.5% share. Radio's websites were up 18% to 19.9 million unique visitors for March. That's the highest yet according to commScore Media Metrix.

Internet Radio Streaming is in its infancy stage and although it's growing rapidly, there are still things that need to be fixed. Radio stations can take up to 30 seconds for an internet radio stream to load and the feed can often be lost for short periods of time during a session.

However, the sky is the limit...

Advances in other areas of technology could potentially benefit internet streaming in a huge way. As cell phones become pocket pc's and as wi-fi becomes prevalent in more and more areas, internet radio streams are going to become easily accessible. Further, blue tooth and similar technology, will allow internet radio streams to be sent from cell phones directly through car and home speakers systems. Imagine being able to access any radio station in the country or even the world anywhere at anytime.

The future of radio is here... and it's on the internet.