The Value of Radios in Survival Kits

When bad weather threatens our wellbeing or a manmade disaster is evident a good survival type radio can be vital to prolonging our lives. With your emergency radio you can immediately obtain up to the minute information relating to the severity of the problem at hand or during times of calm it can serve to play some soothing music.

When you consider the purchase of your emergency kit radio give serious thought as to the conditions from which you will be using it. You will want it to be waterproof to withstand the various elements of nature. A windup radio is ideal for it will allow you to generate your own power for the unit. You would not be left without communications in the event of battery failure. Multi-band gear is certainly something to be desired as you will not only have the usual AM and FM bands but also shortwave and perhaps a weather channel as well.

A shortwave band can be an advantage in getting various points of views as to what may be going on. The American newscasters may broadcast an entirely different version of what is happening around the world compared to those in a foreign land. Although many people these days me included obtain the majority of their daily news by way of the internet we must remember that in times of crisis the World Wide Web may not be available to us. In those emergency times it is likely that more and more people will turn towards radios as their major source of information.

The major advantage of radio is that it can travel with you. In the event you must evacuate an area you can easily take your source of information with you. Unlike the net where you must have various connections to obtain service. Even if you have a common battery operated unit it will still provide you with many hours of uninterrupted service before requiring fresh batteries to be installed. Think about how often you have reverted to a radio during times of foul weather. I find that I do so often. During the events which unfolded during Katrina some very useful information was conveyed by way of radio broadcasts. Some of the people who chose to monitor the situation still had functioning telephones but still chose the radios as their choose of communications. It was then and still is the ideal way to find out what is going on in your neighborhood.

There are many examples readily available where a standard radio broadcast transmission was more beneficial then the more modern means of communications. It is likely that you may even have some radio listening tales of your own to share with others. Do a quick check of the internet and you will likely find many survival kit companies which are now offering small wind-up radios as standard equipment in their various kits. Perhaps they may be one of the new combo units which are designed with a flashlight built together with the radio.

When planning on purchasing one of these radios make certain to check it out carefully. There are many on the market today that are rapidly destined for the trash bin. Often after you wind then up they are totally useless and fail to work as advertised. You would not wish to find out that your new radio doesn't work after the disaster has occurred. Do your checking well before hand.