TV, radio and print advertising aims - the abolition of the O,

Yes, of course, I also support the growth of the traditional distribution of advertising. As you can see one of my clients is a radio group, but I'm working on new web initiatives and not touch the old ... so here we go.

No turning back, TV and radio have taken a bit of a dip in recent years and the impression is being treated as a lining the bird cage. The impact of frequency marketing in traditional media is proving to be falling into the abyss of the Internet and you're seeing all cutting back on all levels. But a new hope rises to the future.

Until now, smaller start-ups had a hard time making a real impact on public broadcasting, with short-term low-budget purchase. His wedge between the companies that could afford to run mass frequency short burst was his only hope. But now a new light at the end of the tunnel and television, radio and newspapers will be able to take advantage of the movement.

One of the drawbacks of the AE (account executive), driven by direct sales is that, in most cases, are only interested in selling display using tactics such as You need  this is how many people , your competitor does,  Our evaluations have been blah, blah, blah.

Another possible disadvantage is that most of the time, AE is also its editor too, or at least help. Of course, no offense to the AE, but do not know what the true mission of the company is that not participating in your marketing plan ... if you have one, so that the message can go wrong and money is wasted.

But here's the twist of what I see as a new rush of potential growth for the industry of traditional media. AE Retraining direct reuse web to boost the campaigns of potential customers and deeper into the NTR-powered business start-ups.

With more and more companies focus on their websites as the main point of the brand and image, the message that all of AE must be inserted into your pitch is the importance of campaigns that are designed to re- directing people to sites of the company. But that's not to mention a URL in the site is more than that! That's how I pay. )

Help potential clients to grow their Internet presence is much more attractive now. The fact is that almost everyone has a place to grow your business 2 to 1 over traditional on-premise customer traffic due to search again. You know what I'm talking about, right

Yes it does ... When you receive any type of contribution for anything you want to buy, even if it is static in places like facilities car lots, go directly to a search engine, search for competitors and see if you can get a better price. Over time people spend five times more on a company site in the comfort of your home that goes to the store. Once the consumer receives the information they are looking for, then come to the store. So the media should support the complex with its advertising program.