Tune Into Live Radio on the Internet

Radio has always been a source of entertainment, a source of information and a source which keeps a person connected with his locality, country and world. Radio is one of the oldest Communication medium. It was invented before Television come into play and hence it was widely used by people across the world and its significance can never be neglected.

Since Internet was devised, Internet became very popular because of its wide range of uses and facilities available on it like email, chatting, audio and video talks, watching movies and videos, playing songs etc. Internet has captured the world wide activities in a single Computer then how radio can escape from it. Now live radio services are also available on Internet. There are many websites which provides thousands of free live radio stations on which we can select programmes according to our choice. We can select programmes of any language, country or category. Live internet radio has many advantages over a simple radio.

1. It offers thousands of channels which is not possible on a simple satellite radio.

2. A user can select a programme according to languages, locations and categories by a simple click of mouse or a button on key pad which is not possible on simple radio.

3. Internet provides a hassle free live radio broadcast which is not always possible on a simple radio. A simple radio receives signals from satellites which are often obstructed by large buildings or monuments. So quality of sound gets affected. It need to be equipped with other accessories to get rid of these problems.

4. We can also download these programmes to listen it later on Internet which is not possible on a simple radio.
Many websites provide free live radio facility where as on some websites, we have to become a member of it by registering on it. Some websites also charge registration fees. Now we can make more more fun out of Internet by availing all the entertainment of radio on line.