Today the role of Radio

With this amazing evolution in the technology world, especially with the latest development of the Internet, radio frequency can be considered a bit old fashioned.

Of course, this is not the case and the use and the progression of the radio itself is still continuing at a rapid pace.

One early adopter of radio was its use in the maritime industry. Telegrams are still used today to send messages between ships and land as well as themselves.

The same word radio for many conjures up images of wireless. It is still in use today, but with less popularity than in its heyday, with all other forms of media are now so common. Originally all transmissions and AM came through. AM is amplitude modulation. He later became FM broadcasts had a higher level of fidelity and was not susceptible to the same levels of static or interference.

Television footage comes from an AM signal and initially when mobile phones were first developed, also made use of FM signals, but this has changed.

It is also interesting to note that radio still plays an important role in the maritime sector and not only in the maritime sector, but not for navigation in all sectors, with the use of satellite systems.

RADAR is also based on radio waves, although most of the new systems that are produced are digital. Basically, radio waves bounce off different objects. The position of these objects is determined by the amount of time it takes to reflection. The process can also be used to determine the direction and type of the object surface.

Radio is also used in other areas that many people can not think. Examples of this would be in surgery, where people can find radio to be used to seal blood vessels with diathermy equipment. It is also used for heating food and beverages in a microwave oven.