Satellite Internet Broadband - A New Level of Communication

Before the advent of digital broadcasting, DXers spent their free time trying to pick up radio broadcasts that skipped across the atmosphere from locations around the globe. The idea of hearing another human being located on the other side of the planet was both romantic and full of the gee-wiz factor that makes technology fun. Today, hearing a voice from across the globe is as easy as booting up a computer possessed of the right Internet connection. With satellite broadband, the gee-wiz factor is still there and more impressive than ever.

Satellite Internet uses broadcast technology that makes the shortwave radio of the past pale in comparison. Signals are generated from a server and shot clear into space where they're bounced off a satellite and back to the tiny dish that sits atop so many homes today. Through this medium, people from around the world are able to communicate and share far more than a static-laden conversation.

Because satellite signals are available from most anywhere, it's possible to broadcast from nearly any region of the world. There are webcams broadcasting online from almost every major city in the world! It's a simple affair for anyone to see the lobbies of the most posh European hotels, the most exotic shorelines of the Caribbean or the busiest intersections in Tokyo.

One of the most exciting aspects of having a satellite broadband connection is that the communication can not only span distances that are simply amazing but that the quality is very impressive and the communication can be two-way, clear and feature video as well as audio. In the past, where DXers had to invest in a great deal of complicated equipment and hope that whomever it was with whom they'd struck up a friendship would be on at the same time as was the radio enthusiast, today's Internet users can simply see a person's online status via a messenger, a video feed or an audio feed.

Perhaps ironically, having the capability to broadcast digital signals so far into space has made the world a much smaller place. If you're trying to decide between vacationing in Patagonia or Africa, it's a simple affair to make an acquaintance in each region and have them tell you about the area and perhaps even give you a view out their window with a webcam!

Probably the best thing about all this is that, unlike amateur radio, it requires no specialized knowledge, license and no expensive and exotic equipment. The satellite dish on your roof is probably the most powerful type of consumer radio antenna ever conceived. Instead of just picking up those signals which manage to make an unusually long distance based on a fluke, it's capable of receiving information from around the world by design. The satellite Internet packages that make it all possible are very affordable an getting one started is as easy as a phone call to most any satellite television provider and signing up for one of their packages.

As America's leading satellite internet service provider, Hughes Net delivers broadband speeds up to 50x faster than dial-up. Hughes Net satellite internet broadband service is available anywhere in the contiguous U.S. and with lease options and free standard installation, getting started is easy and affordable.