RSS and one billion Internet Channel

The real potential of RSS lies in broadcasting.

At other times, jumping on a soap box or any other
platform in the street to say what he thinks was
a popular pastime. Mainly reserved for politicians
radical biblical inspiration or cuckoo
frequent flyer club - the stands had filled a need.

The need to express themselves.

I always think of RSS  Blogs and blogging as
more of a soap box 'of a' diary 'or' weblog '
daily events. A modern version of the technology
moving platform with a firmly
beliefs  opinions of a few kb here and there along
the information highway.

The stronger the belief or opinion - the most
popular blog. The most unique content - the
the blog is more entertaining read.

It also gives a platform for entertainment
eccentric ideas and new ways of thinking. It is
a very democratic platform - at the entrance of anyone
can be as valid as any other.

Forget voting, the blog is a much more democratic.

And it is very young. It has a long way to go.

Nothing stays the same changes, everything
evolves - even our methods of thinking, our way of
express ourselves. RSS  Blogs are changing the way

Imagine a Model T, a Cadillac fifties, and today
Ferrari in his mind. Now imagine that your vision or view of
the car if you only had the Model T that is based on

Do not underestimate or even judging by the current RSS
way - this forum is turning as you read this!

Have you ever wondered what is RSS  blogs will be in fifty or
A hundred years What about websites What about the
Internet We are only at the stage of Model T - Ever wonder
Ferrari what you think

Lately, I can not get the idea in the head! What blogs,
the web, all this will be like in fifty years, a hundred
years, a thousand years Personally, the future of RSS is
what interests me most.

I have some experience in the field of art, people in the field
Always looking forward. Artists are trained to think 'en',
Out and ahead of the box. Especially before the
box - five shots ahead of the white ball - at all times.

For an artist, is a pure matter of survival. Have
stay ahead of the crowd to be fairly interesting. The real
soothsayers leap ahead of the pack. Forging the path.

Blogs and RSS are forging the way for new ideas, new methods
of expression ... is our own little forum ... single cable
waiting for you to step up. And that is expanding platform
and evolution - What is the 'Soapbox' become

Blogs  RSS will evolve and change. There is no doubt that in turn
Soapbox cable to your own personal interactive TV
Channel - The transmission of ideas, opinions, products in a
channel one billion Internet ...

Sound too crazy Well, the radio version of this
system is just beginning. Podcasting is to convert the
corner - read more about it in this article

[Http   www.forbes.comtechnologypersonaltech20050307cx_ah_0307tentech.html]

If we have the radio, television can not be far away! And the key
is RSS.

RSS gives us the ease of publication, but is more like
dissemination of the publication. Spread the ideas,
web site, our products ...

Basically, I think, RSS is paving the way for a channel of one billion
Internet in which each website is it's own interactive TV channel.
As storage, transmission, load times ... is irreverent or
Instant --- how can this happen

As we demand more visual, more audio, more instant gratification and
Internet and web pages, why not hand it over RSS

The foundation, infrastructure and databases are already
Currently, the connection points will only be a matter of time.

So keep your eye on the cursor and not to underestimate or even the judge
RSS in its current form, this platform is changing as you read this!

And to get that distance, thanks to RSS, surfing a billion TV channels can
just become your favorite hobby or a nightmare in the very near future.