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All radio stations are a number of jobs and careers available for those who are interested. The most notable position in a radio station is the work of a DJ or personality in the air. However, this is not the only job that offers satisfaction to graduates of the school media. There are a number of positions that take place behind the scenes making sure the station runs smoothly every day.

Some of the jobs available in the radio stations are a director of new media. This person is responsible for the integration of Internet content and all other new technologies in the grand scheme of the season. The position tends to be more independent, leaving a lot of creativity to the director of new media to seek and find deals on new computers. This person is responsible for dealing directly with the station manager, executive and web designers on ways to buy and successfully integrate new equipment into the stations use every day, while allowing station at a profit.

The director of new media is also responsible for educating himself with all the new technology is purchased for the station, and be familiar enough with it to educate everyone else about how to successfully operate the new equipment or software. In certain situations, the person in this position will be responsible for creating a budget to the station, and then ensure that the station stays within budget when looking to buy new equipment.

Another responsibility that the director of new media is in charge is to oversee the development and creation of graphics and web design of the station. He or she is also responsible for staying ahead of trends in business and consumers around the country.

Another behind the scenes position available radio stations is the position of station manager. The individual in this position at the station is usually responsible for various day to day management of each of the specific departments of the station. This person is also responsible for ensuring that the station remains in the regulations and guidelines established by the FCC's room. He or she will also be responsible for acting as an intermediary between the owners of the stations and their employees.

The station manager is usually left with the duty to seek, hire and train all new employees who join the labor force stations. He or she is also responsible when problems arise and need attention during the day. Develop a budget and financial management of the station also falls into the hands of the station manager.

Finally, station managers are responsible for advertising and promotion of the station. They are responsible for obtaining the network name stations and advertisers to gain business contacts.

As you can see, a disc jockey is not the only available position in the career search radio station. If you feel uncomfortable about being in the air, but still enjoy the idea of ??working for a radio station, try to consider one of the other interesting and challenging work available to those who qualify.