Programs Offered by Radio Schools

Do you happen to enjoy listening the voices on the radio You might even practiced speaking in your announcer voice. You've listened to the radio programming often wondering who was behind the microphone, what music was going be on next, and just where did the newscaster and sportscaster get their coaching. If this sounds like you, then moving toward a career in radio broadcasting at one of the great Illinois radio schools might be your perfect occupation. Illinois, the state of the most famous radio announcer ever Paul Harvey, boasts some of the most exciting schools of broadcast journalism in the country.

Gaining a broadcasting degree in one of the respected Illinois radio schools can promptly pave your way to a fruitful career in radio broadcasting. The associate of science degree in radio and television programming from most schools can train students with the skills so they can flourish in both radio and television. If you decided to extend to a 4 year degree, these schools can give you a broader sense for this industry and gives you more more education with the technical aspect of broadcasting, along with management and sales.

While obtaining an degree program from one of the Illinois radio schools, students are prepared with social and technical skills required to excel as radio dj. The hands on curriculum from these schools give students the training for live situations, handling and writing radio copy, directing, and relaying news on the air while enticing the radio audience. Although the schools teach the career making skills to be a radio broadcaster, newscaster or sportscaster, there is training to allow the natural passage into television broadcasting as well.

With the popularity of college and university radio and internet stations, this allows for excellent opportunities for those going to these schools to get hands on experience in their chosen field before they even graduate. Added to this invaluable experience, there could be opportunities to shadow an established radio broadcaster and learn first hand about this exhilarating business as he mentors students to realistically understand the business they are entering.

A typical degree for radio and television broadcast programming from Illinois radio schools includes courses such as the following radio announcing, newsbroadcasting, studio and radio production. And with the Illinois Radio Network servicing more than 50 stations, you have many opportunities for job placement. The Illinois Radio Network employs digital technology to send to their affiliates utilizing newly graduated, talented reporters to cover breaking news as it happens. With endless possibilities in this large field, you are perfectly poised to have the exhilarating and rewarding career in radio and television broadcasting that you want right in the center of the beautiful state of Illinois.