The perfect gift for the new baby of those caught in cash, a request to Radio Online - But why

It was 1983, and my sister Amanda was born recently. I remember this young enthusiast chapter with a clipboard in hand, visiting each single bed. I was asking moms and moms that requests for their music. We were delighted to hear the name and music of the police coming through the speaker in the living room that afternoon.

That was the last we heard of this particular season, and are only allowed to transmit at the three hospitals. Do not even have a local FM transmitter instead of programmers spread through the telephone system. But quietly, these stations have been providing an important service for patients.

Have encouraged millions, provided advice and played a major hospital wide variety of music requests. There are stories of patients actually pulled out of a coma when the hospital radio stations have broadcast the music familiar. Today, patients are in hospital for a short period of time.

Many radio stations have hospital realized this and now broadcasts its programs on the Internet. This means that anyone anywhere can choose requests. With many people now feeling the economic crisis, some are turning to more modest means to give more thoughtful gifts. It is often the smallest gestures that will be remembered. These new online radio services understand the needs of patients.

Through the inheritance that may have built a huge collection of records. In fact, they are ideal for the transmission of special messages as gifts to patients, including mothers and mothers-to-be. There is now software that can record audio from the website which means that requests can also record music stations Radio Hospital are becoming the online radio services. They make an ideal way for people with or without money to show his congratulations to new parents.