Live Soccer Radio - Get in on the Action

It is not very difficult to have your own radio on the internet in order to listen to your favorite soccer game. Firstly, you have to download Null Soft Winamp. It is the main tool which can help you broadcast on the internet or which helps you connect to an already existing server.

The programs used must have a configuration adapted to broadcast needs. Therefore, before broadcasting, several settings are necessary. You must enter the folder where the SHOUTcast server is installed and you must open the application sc_serv.exe. Out of the existing options in the upper toolbar, you have to choose Edit Config. In this window you must look for a line with the text Password= . When you have found this line, change what it is written after the sign equal with the password you want for your server. You have to restart this application in order to enjoy the changes. Select OK in the dialogue box and in the window sc_serv.exe choose Kill Server. Open again the application sc_serv.exe and let it run.

Now you can set WinAmp-ul in order to broadcast. Open WinAmp and hit Ctrl + P to open the Preferences window. Select from the existent options DSPEffects. In the list on the right select Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP then press the button Configure active plug-in. Tick the option Make this server public.

In Description case write the name of your radio. Tick the option Enable Title UpDates.
Press the Connect button. Now you can broadcast online and other users can as well be connected to your station in order to listen to soccer online.