Internet radio calls from the Shows

I recently wrote an article in praise of ezine eBooks.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the revolution eBook 'to take place.

Electronic books are, of course, part of a wider revolution in electronic communications. Music and movies are spent in a way that requires a thorough restructuring of copyright, social networks are all sorts of concerns and can, among other things, revolutionize hiring.

There is no need for me to write in praise of blogs, in fact, there are certainly aspects of blogging did not praise. We all know about it. Revolutionizing the communication of the issues is changing politics and even culture, organizational changes in perception and consciousness flow from it. But there is a step beyond blogging and the written word is that I write now.

I've always been a fan of the radio, but it gives information, theater and music, without interference from costly visual sets. I really enjoyed the radio, without having to worry about my appearance, the voice is all that matters. Local radio has learned to refine your audience and offer to listen again and pod casts you can hear in the car. All very good. There is now a step further, there are BlogTalkRadio. This is a trade name in which I would like some property, unfortunately I only use their services as a host, so far there is little competition, but that will change.

The principle is very simple. Those listed in the phone displays, using regular phones, there is a panel study and control host access through the Internet, and the program is also available on the Internet, either live recording, to anyone at any the world. All you need to hear is an Internet connection, and everything you need to help is a phone.

I had thought the cost of regular calls of 30 minutes from the UK to New York would be an item. In fact, I on the phone 2. 5p per minute, it obviously depends on the phone provider, but the cost need not be important - and that's without the use of Skype.

So let's look at the concept. It is now possible for radio to be made and broadcast through the Internet. People around the world can listen and even join a very low cost.

In this case, the study is more virtual than real, and there is really little need for any support in the house, indeed the possibility of winning advertising is huge. This means that virtually anyone can be a radio presenter, reaching a global audience. When I appeared on BBC radio that there was a producer, assistants, a brick and mortar studio, and offices with staff and, of course, have a broadcasting license.

When someone can put a show on any subject, to which anyone can contribute, we must surely be nearing the end of blog services. The potential for special interest and advocacy groups, charities and campaigns all has no limits.