Internet Radio Advertising

Internet advertising has been successful with the big noise approach that car dealers use. Car dealers usually those who are buy here, here finance lots or used car lots seem to think that if you yell at consumers, consumers will buy.

Syndicated talk-show host Neal Boortz on has been known to say that in commercial radio, the shouts more is the dumbest thing the advertiser believes his client is. Probably there is much wisdom is ... ever hear a cry that Lexus dealership in a commercial radio

Online, the ads have worked well have been the big ads, banners striking. If no movement when I accidentally mouse over them, the better! It's the visual version of the big noise and in the last couple of years, the effectiveness has been declining. Oh, page impressions (number of eyes seeing the ad) are still there, and still growing, but the number of clicks per impression has been steadily declining.

It represents an opportunity for online advertisers to think outside the box. That's not a place where we can see a lot of people who want to go, but where is the opportunity.

Online radio can really benefit from this information. People who listen to online radio are listening for more than two times more than those who listen to radio terra. The spots of the ground station that is simulcast on the Internet often can not be transmitted through the Internet, so that commercial software covers a song or other content.

What if that other content has been specifically designed to advertise a listener of the Internet The ad does not say to call a phone number or unit to another location. The ad says click on the banner above or the link in the player for more information and special treatment. The commercial does not use the big noise approach, because many of the listeners at work, perhaps in a cubicle, and screams is not appropriate there. In addition, Internet radio listeners tend to be more education than their brothers terra-listening, so that the big noise is a diversion.

What if the other content was designed specifically to be a little independent trade show with a 15 to 30 seconds embedded in it Content designed around commercial messages so that the two seamlessly integrated What if it lasted less than 5 minutes and could be the cover of commercial terra station What if advertisers pay a premium for Internet product placement in these programs because they were interesting, informative and effective

There is some opportunity here, and if you're reading this and want to explore, I would be delighted to explore with you. Terrestrial radio needs a strong income stream from the Internet, and this just might be.