Hispanic Radio Advertising For Physicians

If you are a Physician, question advertising, you are probably running your own practise. The medical service industry is a competitive market and  building a patient base is hard work. To establish a regular flow of patients, you will need to market and advertise your services.

The solution to this could be Hispanic radio advertising for Physicians.

Radio Advertising Options

1. The Total Audience Plan - Because you are advertising a Physician practise, and not a temporary product sale, you will want to run the ad for a full year. It is my personal opinion that you should ask for a 'Total Audience Plan', which is the cheapest kind of Hispanic radio advertising for Physicians. They will broadcast your advertisement in the 'Morning Drive' and in the 'Afternoon Drive.

2. Sponsorship Plan -  If you wish to run fewer commercials, you may want to consider doing a sponsorship of a news cast, a sports cast or a weather forecast which usually are on at the same time every day. Although Sponsorship advertising reaches a smaller audience, the number of people that are actually really listening during these casts is much greater. This is because they especially tune in for that particular cast, they want to hear it! This method of advertising is therefor more expensive than the 'Total Audience' plan.

TIP Whatever option you choose, it is very possible you can negotiate the possibility of having the production included in your cost.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Radio Advertising

Hispanic radio advertising for Physicians is a lot more expensive than advertising on the internet, which can be done for free. When advertising on the internet you can target your audience very specifically. On the radio you can target your audience very limited e.g. male, female, based on the music they are playing; Soft Rock attracts females, Hard Rock attracts males, news stations generally attract a large male audience. Targeting on the internet can be much more specific, because people are searching for things based on keywords. For example, I have diabetes, I am ill, I have the flu - what can I do to help Now that is pretty specific! Let's have a look at internet advertising.

Internet Advertising Options

1.    Pay For Your Traffic - Instead of spending huge amounts of money on hispanic radio advertising for Physicians, you can consider Pay Per Click (PPC) or banner advertising. These methods are not as costly as the cost of radio advertising and, when utilised properly, is highly effective.

2.    Work For Your Traffic - I favour the free marketing methods. Things like Article writing, Video production, Social Media marketing and Blogging are very powerful methods and residual. What do I mean by that It means that it is going to stay on the internet forever, unlike the paid methods.