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Create your own radio show indexed annuity.

Creating your own 1  2 hour radio program indexed annuity is simple. To connect a microphone to your computer. You work with a marketing organization that sends annuity scripts each week. All you do is turn on the microphone and read the script. That's it, you're done.

Your expert in radio production grab the newly created audio from your computer and add in music and advertising. By the time you finish, it seems like a Hollywood spectacle produced. Your expert in radio production program is loaded the radio station (the expert in radio production is for you) and your program airs weekly. Taking into account mentioned in the recording of his phone number frequently, you will receive calls during the show, which will be directed to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week answering service. The service answers the call and automatically registers the phone number, email and address of the caller. To get the critical information and send the information via e-mail immediately. Tracking also populate your database with contact information perspective.

We recommend you contact the prospect and attempt to set an appointment. And even if there is no pride, automated monitoring systems. A system in particular, provides an automated tracking system that will send six correspondences automatically from all perspectives promote the benefits of indexed annuities. The prospect receives 2 cards, emails, two by two voice transmissions, all of which highlight the fact that you are a local celebrity because of his presence on the radio. You can outsource all the work by correspondence. Indeed, the outsourcing company becomes your office to manage the cables.

So far the outlook has been touched by the radio promotion correspondences 6 times, are much more likely to recognize your name and welcome your call.

Are you thinking that you can use our tracking system for more than just radio wires Of course you can, the only challenge is to populate the database and there are simple solutions for that. Imagine the advantage of having an automated tracking system for each of your prospects.

Whether your principal came on the radio, Internet, a newspaper advertisement, seminar, etc., the tracking system will apply and tell the world that is on the radio. Note that all the cards to show the status of your radio. All emails prominently display in the subject line of the email that you are a radio celebrity. The transmissions of voice, your voice, states from the beginning that is on the radio. We are using radio as a way for you to drive and to enhance any marketing you can do, no other marketing tools, no problem, there are plenty of public procurement.

Wait about 4 calls per program, 16 to 20 calls per month. And if you want to buy more airtime and more potential customers. Using the same program later which means that no additional work for you. Usually radio costs about $ 600 per show 1  2. But there are some who use the program simply as a glorified resume. Given the radio provides instant credibility, many use it as a loss leader. If you are willing to accept a shorter time feature, you can reduce the weekly cost of about $ 200 per week. Please understand that if you are in the air, you can change your letterhead and envelopes to reflect the state of the radio. Each time you touch a prospect that John or Jane are actor, star of the Retirement Security money, KCBS radio.