Bad Radio Ads

It's almost too easy ... mess with radio ads, that is.

The ads are the lifeblood of the radio. Without them, the radio goes bankrupt, as they provide the bulk of operating dollars for the radio. If radio stations pay close attention to the quality of ads on their airwaves, complete with listeners listening longer due to bad ads not being forced to change the station. Good radio programmers and consultants have known for a long time, and great consultants encourage their clients to pay attention to the quality of ads on your air. A radio guru Dan O'Day, is the leading advocate in the recognition of bad ads and replace them with better ones.

If you do an Internet search on the radio generator O'Day are bad business, you will find a toy that Dan created to demonstrate how easy it is to fall into the clich├ęs that haunt bad radio commercials. You should go and play with it if you have some time to kill and a desire to laugh. Even if your company uses radio and has a great editor, Commercial Radio Mal generator could mourn. Often, the results sound suspiciously like the things that are on the radio everywhere.

The ads are a reality in radio and television, and that is how broadcasters make all the money used to operate the station, pay staff and keep the lights on. But since many of the ads that air local purchase, sold directly by the seller, the station has the final say on what local points as it sounds.

Reason intentionally pollute their airwaves with pitiful excuses for writing and production is not difficult to understand. It is very easy to write a really bad commercial radio, but not too hard to write a good idea. Radio managers just have to work a bit more local in their ads for high profits in listeners.

A great example of bad business premises is often the local car dealer high volume. Somehow, at some point in history, all car dealerships that have met and agreed to yell at your target audience.

Do you like being yelled at Most of us do not. I wonder why car dealers think they have to shout to get attention And I wonder why they think we are going to respond positively to all that screaming

By delving into the wrong car commercial, you'll probably hear a line like We are Mr. Big Volume, and we will be number one soon! Why do we care I do not care if # 1 or # 10 ... I have not said what he will do for me.

Even more, you might hear something like We will do everything possible to get your business. Again, why do we care And the clever part of me might be thinking ... What is needed What I can do to call the bluff We know that whatever is necessary not true, so now the lord of high volume has yelled at me, I lied and told me what I can do for him.

Still no reason to go see him, right And look at all the money that has happened to me completely uninterested in buying a car from him.

When you think of the time and effort spent station to produce a bad product for your customers, you quickly realize that nobody is worth your money there, including the station. Of course, the customer has the money to buy time, but the bad points listeners to run, and if the client does not receive a good pay-off for buying ads that do not return either. Lose-lose-lose. Not smart.

With a little thought, the announcement could be very different. Drop the style of old-school car spot and embrace a new paradigm. Reach your customers with a compelling message of common sense about why the customer should consider trading with you. Make the focus of the benefit for the customer, not the dealer. Make the message clear, and for God's sake, make him a message, not four or five. If the professional is to be a point of 60 seconds, only type 45 to 50 seconds to copy, so the voice talent may have the opportunity to really create a bond with their customers.

There are many more ways to make a great big place, but for now, maybe the radio creative departments may want to focus on how to make good bad points.