The art of advertising an Internet radio station

Running an Internet radio station requires a financial commitment, regardless of size. There are monthly expenses of operating the station, including Internet access, the bandwidth of the media server, studio equipment, computer equipment, and facilities costs.

The amount of money needed to run an Internet radio station depends on the magnitude of the transmission operation. Some of these finances can be generated from donations from the audience, or subscription program, however this method usually does not cover all expenses incurred.

Content of advertising on the Internet can provide a reliable source of operating revenue. Broadcasters can place advertising on the station's website or within the broadcast itself. (The advertising content can be in audio or video.)

Based Internet advertising industry has matured into a very profitable business and respectable. The advertising content can be broad or narrow base. The broad-based advertising is well suited for high traffic, major public television stations. Advertising market niches have also proved very profitable. Advertising with niche niche media content is able to carry out out an extensive advertising based on the high traffic in some cases.

There are several things to consider before making a radio station to a particular method of advertising.

These include

What format the media give the station - the audio or video content
(The advertising can be tailored to specific media formats.)

What is the target audience for the Internet radio station
(These demographics are based on the content of media broadcasts of the station, and to analyze Web site traffic stations.)

What method of advertising is best suited for financial goals of the Internet radio station
(Could this be the primary or secondary source of income for operating the station)

Broadcasters should thoroughly investigate and test different methods of advertising before finalizing your choice for an advertising format. A time frame of sixty to ninety days should be allowed for testing different ad formats. It is very important to document these results, as this will allow the radio station to choose the best suitable advertising format.

An advertising program well planned and executed can provide valuable experience and an operating income of Internet radio station.

Advertising content for Internet broadcast today

Advertising Auction
Advertising can be sold through Internet auction directly. There are several online businesses that offer online auctions.

These include and

Audio Internet advertising broker
There are several advertising agencies to negotiate and sell audio advertising affiliate stations Internet radio.

These include and

Video Internet advertising broker
There are several advertising agencies to negotiate and sell video advertising affiliate stations of streaming video.

These include,, and

Content of advertising for the station website

Video clip
(Currently Beta Testing)
Monetary compensation is based on the people to see video clips that contain Web-based advertising.

Click to call or text
(Currently Beta Testing)
Monetary compensation is based on people in contact with several business partners using Google Talk or Skype. The click to call or text message links are placed on web pages.

Contextual Advertising
Banner, text, image or video ad that is placed on the websites. The web site content determines that the advertising is presented.

These companies provide webmaster with contextual advertising solutions

Adsense advertising program
Yahoo advertising program
MSN advertising program

Online Advertising Programs

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Monetary compensation is based on the people click on banner ads.
Banner agencies negotiate the payment rate of clicks with advertisers.
(A variety of advertising sources to choose from.)

Cost per thousand (CPM)
(This method of banner advertising is best suited for high volume websites traffic.)
Monetary compensation is based on unit sales of advertising website.
Banner advertising is sold in units of 1,000 impressions.

Affiliate Program
Monetary compensation is generated by sales to provide references.
(Most web hosting companies offer some sort of sales incentive program. )

Website co-branding
Monetary compensation is generated by placing the brand graphics or text on websites.