Why not play music Indie Radio

And what can you do

As I clicked on a forum of popular music business, he greeted me with a question. Why will not commercial radio play music by independent artists

My answer to this person was

As Director of Operations and former music director of both sides of the Com and Com-No, let me break the ground for you.

Commercial Radio rating needs to get paid by advertisers. Most advertisers, the radio, are the advertising agencies. Advertising agencies based on their buy (sponsorship) in the cost per point (PPP) basis. CPP is based on the amount of thousands of listeners a radio station can capture over a period of 15 minutes (or cume).

Commercial radio and [Program and Music] does not want to risk their qualification for posting a song proven in the air. So what these managers do commercial radio, that is, outdoor music on the basis of national lists that can provide radio systems and dissemination of data discs (DDL) and Billboard.

These letters have been influenced mainly by the major labels through promotions and strategic alliances.

The best best is to do as Knarles Barkley. Only Knarles back to me  Crazy was No. 1 on the internet and radio could not get the one in the air.

Getting your music in the music submission sites, make some noise in the network, and get CDBaby.com account so you can get your music in iTunes and start promoting.

I suggested this because the music business to digital. Clear Channel has a partnership with GarageBand.com, where there will be a number of new artists each week on its website. Since Clear Channel is the most important broadcaster and innovator in the music business, it's just a matter of time before the other copy cat coward stations follow suit.

The world is going digital, while the radio continutes to operate with analog business model. You can succeed in the music business if you change your marketing model from analog to digital.