What You Need to Know About Internet Radio

Rather than radio waves internet radio is broadcast over the internet. For this reason the possibilities are endless to what you can tune into. Take for example the way the internet has brought us all together in a way that we thought couldn't be possible well its doing the same for radio. Pre radio on the internet, we could tune into, using our AMFM or DAB radio, our favourite regional or national shows on the radio. now we can tune into just about any radio station in the whole world.

There are around 20,000 radio stations signed up to internet radio which means you can listen to beats from Jamaica or barn dancing from Texas. It couldn't be simpler to listen to either. You can, of course listen to it through your laptop on the internet but the best way is to get yourself dedicated internet radio.

You can get yourself an adapter, this is an adapter that sits on your Hi-Fi and allows your to receive your internet radio through your current Hi Fi unit. Alternatively you can buy a brand new unit which has internet radio built in. The best way to set these up is to connect the radio to your wireless network. this usually involves entering in your WEP key then off you go. Once connected to the internet you can search the radio station you want by name, genre or country.

Podcasts are available from radio stations or individual people which you can download to your machine and listen when you want at your own pleasure.

If you want to listen to a station that is not in the list you can email one of the majority suppliers of content for IR and make then set it up for you. So there is no excuses you have the power in your hands.