Satellite Radio Something I never knew I was gone

Who in their right mind pays for radio That's what I was thinking ... until I got Sirius as a gift. It was a strange coincidence indeed. A few days before I got my Sirius unit and subscription, which had been unhappy trying to find some music on my travels in the morning. My CD had been played, so I expected I would find something else that shows up in the morning.

Since I received my Sirius unit, Sirius is everything you hear in the car, at work (via Internet), and at home. It's addictive and will not know until you try it.

Membership Basics

The basic subscription to Sirius is $ 12.95 per month. You can buy a lifetime account for $ 499.99. Sirius lets you add up the units to your account. Each unit receives a discount rate monthly fee.

Play online

All accounts are able to access Sirius to Sirius online player. This allows a subscriber to listen to SIRIUS on your computer. All music stations are available, however, a number of talk stations are not. The quality of the music player online seems to be as good as through the Sirius unit. The player does not require additional software installation and can be played directly from a modern web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Free ads

All Sirius music stations are commercial free. That's right - no trade at all. Talk stations have ads. This may be because stations like Fox News and E! Radio broadcast the current show which aired on the respective TV channel.

Current Shows

When I watch the news or my wife watches E! news are not necessarily seeing what you are hearing. Stations that have as Fox News and E! Current television broadcast over the radio feeding Sirius allows us to be able to listen to our shows while driving. Unfortunately, these two stations are not available in the online player.

Uncensored Content

Some Sirius stations are censored and some. But mostly, you will find that the stations have more freedom to say and play what they want. This allows a large number of independent bands have to play their records, as disc jockeys have more freedom.

Howard Stern

Even if you're not a fan of Howard, this is still one of the reasons that, as Sirius!


Sirius has many sports channels. You can hear a variety of sports like NFL, NHL, NBA, Nascar and the radio. As in the news, these stations are not available online.


I travel a lot. The fact that they can travel long distances and never have to touch the dial or lose my favorite station is a very important factor for me. Sirius has coverage for the entire continental U.S., most of Canada (except the top of the North) and most of Mexico.


With more than 120 stations and priced less than a cup of coffee per day, Sirius is definitely a great product for the love! We also recommend searching on XM, Sirius alternative provider.