Satellite Radio on Your Cell Phone - the Next Generation of Entertainment

Satellite radio has become an exciting technology that has led many to switch off their transistor radios and start noticing the various satellite radio gadgets on the market today.. While many would find the service superfluous to their entertainment needs, many are discovering the joys of tuning in to hundreds upon hundreds of ad-free listening options over crystal clear satellite transmissions.

Satellite radio is a great way to discover new genres of music or to experience continuous entertainment and news options without necessarily having to grind through all the excessive advertisements most radio stations tend to put into their shows. You also get a lot of shows that would normally not be available on typical radio stations.

A great way to think about satellite radio would be to liken it to cable or satellite for television. It provides traditional radio listeners more options, less ads, and clearer transmission. This makes for a great entertainment platform that could really give old radio stations a run for their money.

And to compound their fears further - to the great joy of radio listeners - satellite radio is teaming up with the other most ubiquitous digital gadget around - the cell phone. Since cell phones are steadily gaining more power technologically, they are the perfect candidate to bring satellite radio to anyone at any place.

Today, cell phones can be used for a variety of purposes - organizer, e-book reader, portable music, internet browser and even radio receiver. And due to the increasing demand for mobile entertainment, offering satellite radio on cell phones is obviously a logical next step.

Having satellite radio broadcast to your cell phone opens a new vista of entertainment options for many. Here are some of the ways satellite radio can change the way you get your information and entertainment forever!

1. More options. Satellite radio opens up your listening channels to more options than you ever thought possible. With the channels that come with every subscription, you could get all your information and entertainment needs in a jiffy. And all for a subscription price that some people say are not really prohibitive.

Some people have actually claimed that satellite radio has taken up all their time - and attention. So much that they no longer have time to tune in to regular radio stations - not that they would have any reason to do so at all. In fact, some have even reported not having enough time, or even motivation to turn on their television sets. Now, that's surprising.

With satellite broadcasts from Sirium and XM, one can stay tuned to radio shows you won't find on your FM band. NFL broadcasts, non-mainstream music genres, news stations, weather reports, and other hard-to-come by stations are all available on satellite radio.

2. Technology makes it easy to implement steaming audio. Many telecommunication companies are looking to incorporate satellite audio and even video services into their offerings. However, there is no consensus on a single technology to push this, nor is there any agreement on interoperability among cell phone technologies.

However, one thing is clear. Satellite radio will be available on most cell phone platforms although in different packages and means. Some will offer audioradio content that will be as comprehensive as normal satellite radio services but will not be delivered on a live basis. Some technologies will offer a device to receive satellite radio directly, while some will convert these signals for delivery via WiFi or through 3G.

This means that you will have to inquire with your provider regarding the pros and cons of their radio service. They may, in fact, even try to deliver a proprietary service that is there own. While this is not a bad thing - choice is good - you should be aware of the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle differences between them all.

3. It may even act as a complement to your other entertainment options. Some will argue that satellite radio does not signal the death knell of big old radio stations or of the glorious TV screen. It, they say, in fact, complements these services in a way that it will appeal to those whose lifestyles make satellite radio appealing. Either way, satellite radio is here to stay and satellite radio on your cell phone is sure to become pretty mainstream very soon.