Live Internet Radio - The Future of Radio

Right after the introduction of the Internet, we have come across many electronic counterparts in our day to day lives. It has changed the way of our communication is made, whether it be sharing of information, marketing or infotainment. It has introduced the age of e-mail, e-commerce, e-shopping, internet radio and internet TV.

Live Internet radio is one of the latest trends in cyberspace. Talks pertaining to e-radio is very common these days. Perhaps, e-radio is the next most sought after thing in the cyberspace right after the e-mail, and e-commerce. In fact, e-radio is not that a new thing, it has been in existence for quite some time now. But, it is only of late that it has flourished and it has improved radio connectivity tremendously. As such, listeners are flooded with live radio stations, which have exhaustive range of channels. These channels cater to the varied needs of the listeners.

Definitely, the Internet radio talk is one of the most striking programmes. Streaming talk shows and discussions on a variety of lively topics have become very popular among the listeners. Such programmes are being fed by the live radio stations host talks shows even with experts of various subjects.

It has been found that the traditional radio broadcasters have been using the live Internet radio to promote their programmes or advertise them. Whereas, the e-radio technology has brought about a sea change in the way of presentation of the radio programmes. Because of its contribution today individuals can host their own talk shows from the comfort of their home.

This radio technology includes different methods for creating the audio stream source. It uses the SHOUT cast service that makes use of Winamp and SHOUT cast DSP plugin to deliver MP3 audio. This method also uses open source technologies like the Stream cast, stream db, IceS, and Muse., patent free data formats like Ogg Vorbis as well.

There is no shortage of radio networks online these days. The services offered by live Internet radio are really marvellous. Voice America is an Internet radio network that helps host ones own internet radio talk show. Moreover, it also gives the complete package of Internet streaming, media broadcasting, support services on line, marketing and Internet solutions that help make a mark on the on line audience.