Let Radio Automation Software Take Care of Your Broadcasting

If you need to broadcast radio or automated playlists over the Internet or in any kind of public venue, radio automation software is the solution that you should be using to take care of the job. RadioBOSS is one such solution for radio automation without demanding a great deal of money. This solution, while much cheaper than most other radio automation software, still provides extremely good stability and a wide range of features that you need to get the best results for your individual requirements. The user-friendly interface requires no complex learning curves and the exceptionally reliable and stable player component of the application can be left unattended for as long as you need it to. Anyone can take full advantage of the software regardless of their level of experience.

RadioBOSS provides the ultimate solution for supplying background music to any kind of public venue such as shops, clubs, restaurants and more. It is an exceptionally reliable and easy way of broadcasting your audio playlists, making it ideal for broadcasting on either terrestrial or Internet-based radio as well. Using the program, you can quickly and easily configure background playlists and then leave the software to do the rest of the work for you, unattended for days, weeks or even months at a time. The interface is also exceptionally easy to operate thanks to a plain and simple design. The software is designed to save you time from the very beginning.

Stability is, unsurprisingly, the most important factor in any program which automates a process. So that you can confidently leave the software running unattended, RadioBOSS is exceptionally reliable and the player component is highly stable. Users can still have complete control over what plays and when, whenever they need to. An audio converter is also included so that compatibility issues are far less likely to arise when you have your audio files stored in multiple formats. There is also a full-featured audio database for your convenience. Here you can manage your entire audio collection as well as track and annotate individual files and folders of audio. A playlist generator is also included with a set of playlist templates to help you configure the software in minimal time.

The player component plays all of the popular formats and the audio converter is compatible with WMA, WAV, OGG, MP4 and ACD amongst others. RadioBOSS is primarily designed for use in commercial scenarios as well as radio broadcasting places. Because of this, the software can also play jingles, advertising tracks and more while automatically raising the volume as required. The software can also play online streaming media in its playlists.

Extra features included in RadioBOSS also allow you to change the way your audio sounds. Controls for a flanger, pitch, reverb and echo are also included along with a 12-band equalizer. High-definition audio and 7.1 channel sound cards are also fully supported. The software takes full advantage of all of your available hardware.

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