Internet Streaming Media and Radio

As with many things in the world today media is transitioning to the internet. You can now get News Casts, online movies and of course radio on the internet. As the broadband user community grows rapidly so does the use of these online services. The transition is being closely watched by many of the industries biggest players as they reap the benefits of broadband usage. Many smaller and independent broadcasters as well are also getting satisfaction from the change.

The majority of internet radio broadcasters are individuals that broadcast from their homes using SHOUTcast, a free broadcasting script developed by NULLSOFT. They are not looking to make a profit but rather share their collection of music via streaming radio and possibly gain some recognition for their efforts.

Guidelines have been set up with the agencies that monitor the music industry which makes available licensing to play copyrighted music online to the internet radio community. In this way musicians can receive royalties for their work and internet radio broadcasters remain within the legal boundaries of the industry.

Due to the availability of wireless internet connections spreading across the country there has even been mention of including internet radios within the auto industry. There have even been predictions made that internet radio will replace satelite radio within the next 10 years.