Internet Radio - Live and Recorded

There are numerous things in life that would never lose their value in this society. These things can just transform to a new mold or wear new looks but their essence of existence would always remain. The radio is a perfect example of man's invention that has never depreciated its value. It may have changed its style and even its size, but never will it be off our possessions. When was the last time you tuned in to your favorite radio station

Although we are now living in a new generation where life revolves around technology, one of the best sources of entertainment remains to be the radio. This time, it can now transmit through the internet. It is commonly called internet radio or online radio. You will rarely find those bulky radios or the tinier ones transistors instead you will find the radio broadcasting or what is commonly known as streaming live on any computer with internet connection. Since almost everyone does utilize the internet with various purposes, indeed the power of the radio is obviously felt on any streets, commercial establishments, offices and houses. That said; the internet radio has invited different audience from every walks of life. Thus, it has gained attraction from different business sectors. This gives it the power to promote a new product or service that could result to translation to sales.

Indeed, online radio is considered as the best source of advertisement since almost anyone uses the internet. Mostly, internet radio can be heard over the internet while someone is browsing other web pages. This gives the convenience for the internet users to be entertained and given information to while doing something else on their computers. Businessmen have capitalized on this idea understanding the potential profit they will gain through the expected number of people who would patronize online radios. It is believed that business growth is most likely to happen when there are consistent prospective customers. They, of course, found it on internet radio. Local and national radio stations broadcasting their shows through conventional radio have begun to compete through the internet by acquiring websites. Some of these websites include streaming features and ad banners of sponsors.

Since the primary objective of major sponsors is to promote their products and services to large number of people, they are willing to pay huge amount to internet radio networks to get their products promoted. This is the main source of revenue for most internet radio networks. On the online radio though, advertisements can come in the form of ad banners and may no longer be announced in between songs just like the regular radio. This is the recorded type of internet radio. It gives you the option to choose which song to play. It works like a library of music that you can joggle in a play list much like a DVD compilation. Not only that the internet radio could provide a source of entertainment but also, it can serve as a channel for advertisement.