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In the early '20s the radio industry has started its broadcasts to its locality; however, it wasn't until the launch of the transistor radio that the radio became accessible in mobile situations. Well, the internet radio is in pretty much in the same situation. Not until the 21st century that people started to get hooked on listening to the radio over the internet due to the sky-rocketing popularity of the PC. In comparison to the traditional radio station broadcasts, the internet radio has its own distinguished use and advantages that has made users wanting for the best.

Unlike the internet radio stations, the traditional radio station broadcasts are limited by two factors - the power of the radio station's transmitter and the available broadcast spectrum. One advantage of an internet radio is that it has no geographic limitations. This implies that internet music stations can be heard all over the world. For instance, radio broadcasts in Kuala Lumpur can be heard in Kansas while streaming on the internet. This has broadened the audience base of these radio stations globally. The potential for internet radio is as vast as cyberspace itself by offering more than 20,000 radio stations broadcasting live all over the world.

In addition, the internet radio is not limited to audio. By having a radio broadcasting software, the internet radio broadcast can be supplemented by photos or graphics, text and links, as well as interactivity, such as message boards and chat rooms. This development allows users to do more than just listen. Also, the internet radio is equipped with an intelligible control panel so that people can listen to the vast choices of music internet stations as soon as they log in. Distributors can also market their own company by placing their logos or banners on the control panel allowing users to click or view the company site whenever they log in. This creates a new approach in marketing one's own company site while enjoying your favorite music playing on the background.

Lastly, the internet stream radio software offers a wide variety of broadcast genres, particularly in music. Traditional broadcast radio is increasingly controlled by smaller numbers of media conglomerates. In some ways, this has directed to more mainstreaming of the programming on radio broadcasts, as music stations often try to attain the largest possible audience in order to gain the utmost possible rates to advertisers. In contrast, the internet radio offers the chance to inflate the types of available programming. This involves a much less cost of getting on the air for an internet broadcaster and as an added bonus, the internet radio can appeal to micro-communities of listeners centered on special music or interests.

Of course, there is always room for improvements and the radio is not willing to be left behind. The radio industry has to find creative ways in gaining more audience in the 21st century since the traditional radio is starting to loose its popularity to its other music media gadgets. With this being said, the enhancements of the traditional radio to the internet radio have opened countless of possibilities in making radio listeners explore other music stations worldwide. This has greatly grabbed the attention of listeners because they can still enjoy listening to the radio but in a more modern way.

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