Internet Radio - A Cut Above!

Imagine a system that would allow you to work, play, and shop at the same time! Gone are the days of imagination; with the easy accessibility to the Internet, the world seems to have come to your feet, bowing before you with countless information and entertainment stuff. So when your stressful mind craves for relaxation, just tune in to your favorite online radio station for some cool music, or listen to your favorite talk radio station and unwind your spirits. Welcome to the world of Internet radio, a world that would not only serve you with infotainment but also help you order anything within the matter of a few seconds. For instance, an advertisement on a radio station inspires you to purchase a trendy watch. With the Internet facility near at hand, you can easily log on to the website and order your purchase right away!

The Internet radio has created a major turnaround in the field of entertainment. In this fast paced world, people are always on the move- forever busy with something or other. 'Time-crunch' is what can be cited as one of the commonest universal phrase. So when do we relax or entertain ourselves The only solution remains to provide man with a medium that would be with him wherever he goes. Perpetual mobility can be cited as one of the major reasons for the evolution of the Internet, resulting in numerous offshoots of entertainment, online radio being one of them.

A casual glance around five decades back takes us to the invention of the traditional radio. Audio entertainment caught up with the people rapidly but was slowly diminished with the invention of the television. However, in the 21st century, the radio once again reared its head as one of the most popular entertainment mediums. But on this occasion, the reemergence was not traditional but modern... the birth of the Internet Radio! In fact, the popularity charts of Internet radio show a steady rise on account of a number of factors.

To begin with, the Internet radio can be accessed from anywhere around the world in comparison to its traditional counterpart. On the other hand, the power of a station's transmitter in case of the traditional one is merely 100 miles. Secondly, the traditional radio has a broadcast spectrum that catches radio stations locally. In contrast, Internet radio is not bound by any geographical location. A radio station of Kentucky can easily be listened online from Denver or any other place of the world.

Visual treat is one of the added advantages where Internet radio scores over the traditional ones. Traditional radios appeal to the ears while Internet radio appeals to the eyes and ears as well. An Internet radio website can display photos, links, program menu, special attractions and entertainment news briefings. The ads featured on the Internet radio website can inspire listeners to make a purchase through the website itself. Online radio, in this way, encourages interaction between the customers and the broadcasters. Interaction over online radio can even be initiated through training lessons delivered on behalf of the broadcasters on educative lines. A feedback from the listeners should be incorporated within the show so as to encourage more popular participation. As a matter of fact, popular participation is one of the primary reasons for the greater popularity of Internet radio over the traditional medium.

Affordability is another prime factor that has turned many broadcasters to go online. The cost involved in getting on air is comparatively much less than land radio broadcast. Moreover, Internet radio has special appeal even for those 'micro communities' who prefer listening to a particular genre of music. Traditional radio broadcasters cannot afford to bring too much variety in their shows out of fear to lose money. These broadcasters only cater to the taste of their largest audience so as to charge maximum out of the advertisers.

The advantages of Internet radio certify its increasing popularity. Greater variety, visual appeal, universal accessibility, and affordability make the online version of the radio more convenient and user-friendly. Internet radio brings in its fold the culture, music, and language of countries across the globe- making the world swing to its tunes!