Howard Stern traditional radio is needed more than traditional radio to Howard

There is great speculation about whether Howard Stern is to return to the medium that made him famous, traditional Free Radio. Your contract is Sirius quickly coming to an end. Howard bolted to satellite radio 5 years ago in an amount of funds that have never been equaled in traditional radio. It has been a successful move for both Howard and Sirius. Howard is now the king of personal wealth, as a radio announcer. But Howard, in most circles, the media has had a minimal impact on the former king of all media. Your audience is only one tenth of the audience who were in traditional radio Free.

His radio show on Sirius has changed to a more exciting forum open to the blows that show regulated ex crash morning for CBS Radio. Many experts believe that the radio program of traditional radio was more entertaining. He had to work harder to circumvent FCC rules for acceptable content. At the edge, creativity charged innuendo that made Howard was interesting. It has the shackles of the FCC regulation to go all out, unregulated world of pay radio. The result may seem to some a less creative Howard.

Howard is a very intelligent man and you will use your existing forum to negotiate a deal that will pay you a lot of money. The brilliant sold his move to Sirius, when he still had work broadcast on CBS radio. Similar moves are now marketing to simmer in its program of Sirius.

The real question to be answered in atypical Howard, the creative mind is how you can leverage your agreement to be on traditional radio, where most people listen to radio for free, while still being part of Sirius According pay business model of the ear.

Traditional radio has taken some photos since Howard went with the growth of Internet radio, mobile, pod casting and satellite radio. When one takes into account all the added competition, traditional radio remains the king of all audio. With the addition of Howard Stern, the media would have the momentum and attention that has been lacking due to cuts in entertainment talent in the air. Howard also take advantage to reach 93-95% of all people from the less than 8% that satellite radio now reaches. Sounds like a marriage, the media made the main street with a help of Wall Street. Let start prenuptial agreements.