Automate All Radio Broadcasting With Radio Automation Software

Radio automation software is the perfect solution for any kind of professional radio programming be it for radio itself or background music for any kind of public venue. Radio automation software can be used for all manner of radio automation and engineering. RadioBOSS is one such program, but unlike similar applications, it costs relatively little. It has all of the features that radio DJs need. Combining a user-friendly interface with extremely reliable and helpful technical support, users of this software can begin broadcasting immediately, as soon as they have installed the software. No large learning curves are needed.

RadioBOSS is perfect for creating background music in places such as shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. The software makes everything easier by taking all of the work off your hands, allowing you to tend to more important parts of your daily routine. With RadioBOSS, it is fast and simple to create background music playlists for your business. Once you have configured your background music preferences, you can leave the software running unattended for as long as you want. It is easy to operate thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly interface. The program is designed with saving you time in mind.

Since RadioBOSS is designed to automate all radio playback, stability is a very important factor. RadioBOSS provides a particularly stable player component which allows users to have complete control over when and how music playlists will be run. An audio converter is also included, allowing you to run all of your audio files without any compatibility issues to worry about. Another component included with this radio automation software is the music database, a straightforward application which allows you to fully manage, track and annotate your entire audio collection. There is also a set of playlist templates included as well as a playlist generator.

The main component of RadioBOSS is the player application. This allows you to run and edit all of your playlists and set schedules when you want them to be run. The file converter supports a wide variety of formats including MP4, WAV, WMA, OGG and Audio CD. You can also configure the software to play any advertising tracks or jingles at specified intervals, complete with an automatic volume increase. You can also use online streaming audio in your playlists. The player also provides some useful extra features which allow you to customize your audio. These include various audio effects such as controls for altering reverb, echo, tempo, pitch and flanger. A 12 band equalizer is included to further let you change the way your audio sounds. The software is also compatible with multichannel audio cards.

RadioBOSS also provides a playlist generator which can be used to generate playlists of specified durations automatically from your audio collection. The music database component is where you can organize your entire audio collection. You can also use it to filter and tag audio files of any format.