Khloe Kardashian Was ‘Nervous’ On Set Of ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles!’ Exclusive!

Khloe Kardashian is going to make her first-ever acting appearance on a TV show without her sisters on ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ April 25 and a source gives us the inside scoop about her day on set!
Khloe Kardashian has spent years in front of cameras for her reality shows, but when it comes to acting, she’s still a novice! The 26-year-old mega celeb has a guest spot on Law & Order: Los Angeles April 25, and an insider tells the backstage scoop on her afternoon filming.
“Khloe plays herself in an interrogation scene with cops. They are questioning her because a stylist she worked with was involved in a shooting,” the eyewitness tells us. “She doesn’t have a ton of lines, but she was still really nervous in the beginning.”
The insider adds, “Luckily, the scene is brief and she quickly adapted to the nature of the set. She was only there for a few hours and did her scene and left without incident.”
Turns out, the cast members and crew were excited to have Khloe on board for the episode.
“She was super friendly and took a few pictures with people,” our source dishes. “The cast and crew gave her a round of applause when she was done filming.”
We’re excited to watch Khloe’s small screen acting career flourish. Do you like it when reality stars make cameos on other TV shows? Sound off below!