Design Pedicure

Feet is one of the most underrated and often neglected part of our body in the regular beauty care regimen.
While some women have weekly pedicures, others hardly get time to even trim their nails. Pedicure is one of the essential foot care proceedings that are insisted upon by the beauty experts.
It is the best way to relax and groom your feet and enhance their appearance.
Clean, smooth and pedicured feet look great with delicate pedicure designs on toenails. Surprisingly, you can easily create various designs on your toenails at home too! All that you need is some acrylic colors, some nail polish shades, some nail brushes and a little bit of creativity! Once you gather all these things, then you can create different kinds of nail art designs on your toenails!

Cute Pedicure Designs at Home

 You need to consider your personality and lifestyle before choosing toenail designs for yourself. For instance, if you are an athlete and spend most of the time wearing sports shoes, then getting a crystal pedicure design is simply a lost cause. It is the reason why you need to consider the exposure that the nails will be getting and the occasion for which you are getting the designs made. If you have an artist’s hand and if you can draw various designs, then the best thing would be to get your toes designed on your own and with help of some easily available home pedicure products. It will also save you from burning a huge hole in your pocket too! Here are a few cute and interesting hand painted nail art designs for your toenails.
French Pedicure

The charm of French manicure is totally on for pedicure too. It is the reason why French Pedicure designs are a huge hit amongst women. Those stark white tips and light pink nails are suitable for the most casual as well as formal occasions. They look chic and suit your daily office wear, while French Pedicure also looks great on other outfits. Various French Pedicure nail designs like reverse French Pedicure, diagonal French Pedicure, chevron French Pedicure, marbled French Pedicure, etc. look great with wedding gowns as well! If you are not attracted to white tips, then you can go for colored tips. To do that, you can color the entire nail with a luminous but sheer nail polish and color the tips with your favorite shade of magenta, bright green, orange, bright pink, blue, etc.