Vintage Jewelry - Is It Gold Or Silver?

When you buy vintage jewelry, the best and safest way to ensure a piece of metal is really the quality you would expect, of course, regarded as characteristic of the purity of metal, such as 14K or Sterling Silver box somewhere . If not marked with a symbol followed by the best guarantee of the purity of the piece of metal must be tested in a professional jeweler. When you buy expensive jewelry from these methods should take advantage of the full guarantee of authenticity.

Some collectors recommend the purchase of jewelry stamped. They see the puzzle pieces to be plated or filled on the basis that they are not marked. While this may be true of new jewelry in gold and silver, there are many antiques and period have not been drilled and are really precious. Sharm collectors know, especially because there are many examples of vintage charm silver dial which are in high demand and get higher prices.

For those of us who buy fine jewelry vintage collectibles, not intended for inheritance or quality investment, there are other methods often used to determine the value of an item. Gold, silver and platinum group metals are not magnetic, and this is a simple test that can help verify the quality of the metal, but magnet test should not be relied on by itself. If the item of jewelry magnetic qualities, it is likely made of nickel and steel. Furthermore, an indication of the purity of metal hardness and formability. Precious metals are soft, and if the subject is broad and thin, it must be flexible.

Another way to determine the purity of the metal, the litmus test. Acid test of gold, silver or platinum is for sale on the internet and jewelry stores. These are sold in kits containing several bottles of acid and the stone used to scrape the surface of the voice a little 'jewels. Acid test is done properly scraped area is not a gem stone and then put a drop of acid, metal debris in there. I prefer to scrape the item once the stone and then wash it off and repeat a second time. Another so-so provides a good sample of the metal. Bill changes the color, which can be compared to a chart to demonstrate the purity. Alternatively, you can submit the file size of steel-jewelry-and-drop directly from a piece of acid, which is a really good test in itself, it is easy to let the pure gold or silver, as it slides out of a game file is made of steel.

Gold kit are acid solution in each of the qualities of gold, 10K, 14K, 18K, etc., and to provide reading when applied to the solution is implemented. I tend to start at 14K and, if necessary, to work my way up or down depending on the results. Silver test kits will be only one kind of solution, and it turns a different shade or red, brown or green to indicate the purity of silver.

Acid test is not foolproof, as there may be factors that give a false reading, and the typical results are subjective on the purity of metal. But if the test is done correctly there is a reasonable chance that the result is reliable. If you test the jewelry, or buy from someone who is testing it, here are a few things to check process again. Be sure to first test the solution is cool. These solutions are made of nitric acid and can go stale after several months. Secondly, the piece of jewelry strong enough to scrape on the stone veneer that everything is removed from the surface and the base metal is exposed. These measures will help ensure a relatively accurate test.