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Everyone wants beautiful skin and healthy, so they look for skin care tips. To earn your desired skin, as well as cleaning and food as usual, you should also consider scrubbing the skin, if facial or body scrub.

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Skin Beauty Skin Care Tips

peeling of the skin is another way to skin care tips that are very popular. But you do not really take it seriously than normal skin naturally self regenerates each week or each month in the form of scales. But when older, and many factors, this process can occur slowly, which makes your skin look dull and it is difficult for anyone to nourishing cream to penetrate. Therefore, I have advice skin care and facial scrubs and body to treat your skin to be attractive look healthy.


You need a teaspoon of dry oatmeal and half a teaspoon of green beans. Grind finely and add a little water to make it creamy. Then rub the entire face, especially in areas with black spots or rough skin and rinse at the end. You can do this brush as often as necessary. Helps eliminate skin to be fair, smooth and firm.


Now let's look at another form of skin care tips. There are many ways to body scrubs, such as salt or cream containing AHA, etc, but here, I recommend the natural way that is cheap and easy to follow. Simply mix the honey, olive oil, green beans and ground together. When well blended, brush the skin of the body, let stand for 5 minutes and rinse.