Hair Care Tips

1. It 'important to use a mild type of hair shampoo to clean and maintain shiny hair. Clarification should also be used to wash away dirt and other chemicals on the scalp and hair.

2. The hair should be washed with warm water because hot water removes natural oils from the scalp. However, the water should be avoided to prevent washing away of all oils.

3. A rich conditioner to use sunscreen. This forms a protective layer provides a shine that lasts longer. A pinch of sunscreen products can also be used on the hair and scalp to be washed away later for extra protection.

4. The heat gain of the hair dryer natural and therefore hairdryer and steam irons should be kept away during the summer. Excessive drying can damage hair and gives it a soft look.

5. Hair dyes and highlighting the causes of drought makes the hair look dull and rough to the touch. Therefore, control experiments with her hair in the summer months.

6. As the summer calls for fresh water swimming and relaxing, not to forget the harmful effects of chlorine in your hair. The best way to reduce damage is to wash your hair before and after swimming. Wash your hair before you swim to the hair follicle absorbs the fresh water, which reduces the supply of chlorine or salt water. Wash your hair after a bath to wash away the chemicals that may remain on the hair.

7. A hat offers optimal protection against the effects of burning sun. It is effective in reducing sun damage and reduces greatly. While mesh hats are translucent and allow light to penetrate, hats breathable fabric such as cotton should be used. An umbrella can also be used for protection against sun's damaging rays.