direction of the face should exfoliate dead skin cells on your face. But just because other parts of your body can be in a package, not ignore them. Scrub is everywhere an important step towards healthy skin softer.

daily bath usually get rid of a large number of dead cells, the act of shaving (which is why men seem to age slower than women face constant exfoliation). But if you use a natural sea sponge or loofah to scrub your skin, you do more work.

Not only good for your skin comes off, but it feels pretty good too. If the shower head is equipped with a fancy, here is the possibility to use different settings. Even if your shower head is one thing the army, let the water break down a part of the body is tense, like the neck, shoulders and back. If the head is connected to the pipe, use the spray and the soles of the feet.

The basic rules of scrub are: (1) use a mild abrasive, like a loofah combined with a despicable and (2) replace the moisture that has been taken with a good moisturizer. Try these homemade solutions.

Loofah Body Scrub

* Start with a hot shower running to get into a bathroom to get good and hot when you mix two cups of mineral salts, sea salt (fine) or a half cup of Epsom salts, avocado, olive oil or a light body lotion to make a thin batter.

* Standing in the shower, apply a handful of pasta to your skin, bones, buttocks, abdomen, arms and chest, with special attention to rough spots on knees, elbows and heels. (Do not use on face or other sensitive areas.)

* Rinse with hot and dry.

* Apply your favorite body lotion or lotion lawyer to retain moisture and protects skin.

Herbal Body Wrap

Herbal wraps detoxify the body will make you sweat impurities. Some spas continue to roll for an hour, but it is too debilitating when to do it alone. Try it for 20 minutes.

Start by filling a sink with hot tea - enough to enjoy a good old plate. (Due to the heat, it may be necessary to wear rubber gloves to get a hold there.) Tea twist and wrap the sheet around your body mummy-style, leaving the head and arms out. Wrap a length of plastic wrap around the sheet. Lie on a towel and wrap it around you as well.

Relax and unwind with a cold compress on the forehead, when the cold water SIPS. After 20 minutes (egg timer if you think you fall asleep), distribution levels and to monitor a hot shower.

Mud Spa

One of the latest trends in spa treatments is truly one of the oldest. As early as 120 BC, the Romans mined the healing power of the glacial lake bottom mud. Renaissance physicians praised its healing properties, and today they still do wonders for arthritis and various skin diseases like eczema. Win a mud rich in nutrients throughout the body, or sink into a tub full of first Perk two things: first, the warm temperatures to get sweating and softens the pores, then centuries of organic attracts moisture and toxins, as dries. For this reason, the sludge is particularly good for absorbing oil for oily skin. However, you can use the mud as a moisturizing mask and hold the goopy goop. Block it from drying out moisture seals

Mud used in spa treatments, geologically speaking, very clayey, is chock full of plant extracts, inorganic substances such as salicylic acid, organic substances such as pectin, cellulose, tannins and minerals as well as silver, copper, gold, and several vitamins. Clay is the product of millennia of erosion, the fine particles settle into layers of rock. This gives the molecular structure of clay-based mud to the skin of water, oil and impurities in it like a sponge.

Sitting in a mud bath is the ultimate in relaxation is a rare opportunity to rest, without aggravating pressure points. More common are facial or body mask of clay, where the mud is smeared all over, let dry, then left with a hose at high power. At home, you can try to supply a series of earthen clay products worldwide.

You can find parts of the mud facial cosmetics. (Follow the manufacturer's instructions.) But do not try a garden-variety dirt. Studies have shown that some of the mud may be fed, or at least an infection of the skin irritation.